Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Services For Churches Who Want to Build Web Ministries

How equipped is your Church to manage a web based ministry? 
Are your existing ministries properly supported through your website? 
Is your website meeting your ministry objectives?
Are you properly supporting your website through volunteer and paid staff?

Proverbs 11:14 speaks to the need to have advisors that can help bring success.  Businertia, using its BusiWeb service structure, is offering a way for churches and schools to consume website services in ways that meet ministry objectives by allowing you to receive advice on how to effectively structure resources to support your website. 

Additionally, Busiweb offers the necessary training to support the processes they are helping to build to the administrative staff that will be responsible for supporting the site.  This combined with Businertia's experience in properly structuring web pages to meet their intended objectives provide organizations the necessary expertise to build effective and meaningful web ministry strategies.

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Service Plan Pricing
BusiWeb for Churches





Starting at $200/mo 

(Plans are based on the amount of Content Management offered per month)

Which Service Fits you Best?
Services Provided Basic Standard  Premium  Corporate BusiWeb
Equipment & Services          
Basic Web Server configuration and storage space (500mb) X X X X X
Additional Storage      X X X
Configured portal on a DotNetNuke Installation  X X X X X
Independent Instance of a DotNetNuke Installation       X N/A
Independent Database        X N/A
Administrative Access to your Portal X X X X X
File Management Acess to your Portal X X X X X
Keyword Administrative Access X X X X X
Security Role and User Administrative Access X X X X X
Reskining(skin upload only)     X X X
Unlimited Page Creation X X X X X
Access to Icthus Skin Library X X X X X
Database Maintence X X X X X
DotNetNuke Updates (tested and approved) X X X X X
Site Support (Service Outage or platform malfunction) X X X X X
Web based Trouble Ticket Submission x x x x X
Phone (site or module malfunction only)     x x X
Guaranteed Response Times         X
Module Support (malfunction only) x x x X X
Recommended Practice Consultation       X X
Recommended Practice Implementation         X
Content Managment Modules          
Basic Text/HTML Modules  X X X X X
Still Media Organizer X X X X X
Document Link Manager   X X X X
Page link manager   X X X X
Calendar X X X X X
Banner Advertising X X X X X
Advanced Content Publishing   X X X X
Content Display Modules          
Tab/Accordian Organization X X X X X
Live Content Modules (Dynamic Windows,etc)     X X X
Advanced Content Publishing Display's      X X X
Interactive Modules          
Paypal Donation Acceptance X X X X X
Form Creation w/ payment processing functions   X X X X
Interactive Event's Calendar   X X X X
Implementation & Configuration          
Security Role Configuration       X X
Page Setup and configuration         X
Initial Site Setup X X X X X
Module setup and configuration         X
Workflow and Process Consultation         X
Module Selection Consultation         X
Site Planning          X
Training         X
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