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Worry-Free IT And Outstanding Communications

Businertia has taken the worry out of our internal IT systems.  From the beginning, they listened and asked all the appropriate questions which led to the design and installation of the systems needed to meet our needs – the most recent being state of the art VOIP. It’s reassuring to know we have a strategic partner at the table, helping us make good decisions for the present and the future.

Their all-inclusive Partner Care plan makes everything worry-free and so easy to manage.  If we need immediate service (which we rarely do because of their proactive approach), we know a real Technician or Engineer is immediately available 24/7/365. Businertia’s communication has been the biggest benefit for us. Negative or positive there is constant communication. To me that’s one of the many things that sets them apart from others.

Selecting the right IT firm is critical to any business. If a business wants a partner they can build a long-term relationship with, Businertia is the IT company to work  with. We truly believe they are a part of our business and we completely trust their recommendations.

General Manger
Hidden Glen Golf Club
Businertia Group
5 / 5 stars

Virtually NO downtime across 40+ locations

The single, biggest benefit Businertia has provided is incredible network uptime. Our business (like most) can’t afford any downtime or inabilities to work. Our bottom line and credibility would be greatly impacted. We so appreciate the personalized, high-touch service we receive. This has allowed us to create a tight and reliable bond, making an “outside” vendor seem like an “inside” partner enabling us to work through issues and strategically plan future IT-related projects for our business.

Businertia’s ability to resolve our issues in a prompt manner is above our expectations and has allowed us to focus on our business rather than IT-related problems. The ability to call or open a ticket and trust that our concerns will be addressed in a timely manner is at the core of what an IT-support company should be able to do - and do well.

Choosing an IT partner can be daunting. There must be trust, confidence, and reassurance. It’s not an easy decision, and the wrong choice could set your company back at the very least. Aligning ourselves with the right IT partner has been an important and critical commitment.

We are extremely pleased with the service, honesty, and dedication we receive from Businertia.

They’re a great asset to our company and have been able to grow with us while improving our ever-changing IT challenges. You can rest assured that if you choose Businertia you will be partnering with a knowledgeable and customer-oriented company every step of the way.

JBB Foods, Inc.
Businertia Group
5 / 5 stars

They’ve Been Exceeding Our Expectation For 10 Years

Businertia has been our trusted IT support company for a long time for good reason. Our IT needs are proactively covered top to bottom. The “peace of mind’ we have knowing a loyal, competent partner has our back is priceless. They understand our culture and keep exceeding our expectations in terms of friendliness, integrity, timeliness, and honesty.

They’re obviously they’re very competent. And what’s unique is their desire to look beyond the basic solution (easy fixes) and act as a true partner in finding solutions that can provide deeper benefit to our organization. If anyone asks me whether I would recommend Businertia I say HE_ _ YES. Or you can engage an IT firm – and there are many of them out there that will suffice. If you want a real partner go with Businertia.

Executive Director
Brookfield Lutheran Church
Businertia Group
5 / 5 stars

Businertia Understands Our Business

In a competitive, fast-paced business like ours it’s difficult when you feel the need to be an “expert” in all areas. Working with the team of IT professionals at Businertia is convenient and relatively easy. They take the technology burden off our shoulders so that we really don’t need to think about IT anymore.

Businertia   understands our business and is part of our team. I appreciate the partnership we have and feel they truly understand not only my objectives, but also the company goals and idiosyncrasies. They show they really care about our business success.

For anyone looking for a new IT partner they’re easy to work with, they make it easy. What have you got to lose?

Vice President and Partner
Next Level Staffing
Businertia Group
5 / 5 stars

Choosing Businertia Is Like Having Our Own Internal IT Department

As the Manager of a multi-site  Medical Practice the peace of mind I have with our Partner Care plan is beyond comforting. I feel a lot more secure knowing that Businertia has our back and is routinely working in the background. It makes us feel as though they (and us) are constantly staying ahead of the game and we’re being protected. The reassurance that we can immediately reach one of their Technicians 24/7/365 is awesome.

We appreciate the time they take to patiently explain any problems we are experiencing -including “user issues”. Knowing we could not make a lot of changes at one time they were very helpful, professional and knowledgeable in developing solutions to address immediate IT issues so that we avoid downtime, keep up and running to remain productive. While at the same time building a technology roadmap for our future

Businertia “flat out” provides excellent, exceptional service for all our IT, technology and VOIP systems. The flexibility and creativity of their entire team is greatly appreciated.  They are personable, easily accessible, knowledgeable and easy to recommend.

Business Manager
Allergy & Asthma Centers SC
Businertia Group
5 / 5 stars

The Ultimate In Service And Peace Of Mind

A few years ago we selected Businertia over a well-advertised big-name IT firm in town and are we glad we did. Their personal touch from the beginning along with a much more inclusive and predicable approach to IT services has been a blessing.

Not only are they there when you need them you soon come to realize they are there all the time behind the scenes. Knowing that my IT systems are protected and actively monitored and managed 24 hours a day 365 days a year is incredible “peace of mind”

They don’t use a cookie cutter approach but rather took the time to understand our specific industry and business needs.  When Businertia makes recommendations, they always take in to account our budgeting process and available financial resources. From our website, server upgrades and their lifecycle approach for all our technology I never fear being without.

Businertia will always be part of our team. Their prompt, personable and professional approach is the same way we work. No longer having to worry about IT has made a real difference in our organizations ability to adapt, change and grow. I would recommend them every day of the week.

Executive Director Forest Home Cemetery, Inc.
Forest Home Historic Preservation Association, Inc.
Businertia Group
5 / 5 stars

Invested in Our Success!

Bringing Businertia on board was a great move for our organization. They are not just the IT guys who we call when there is a problem – they truly act as strategic partners with us. I bring them into the process early and find their knowledge and advice to be crucial to making smart technology decisions for our business. They really are invested in the success of our club!

Chief Financial Officer
The Wisconsin Club
Businertia Group
5 / 5 stars

A True Partnership!

Our relationship with Businertia is a true partnership. They have taken the time to understand our needs and provide excellent guidance when it comes to technology. I am confident that they always have our best interest in mind.

General Manager
Milwaukee Country Club
Businertia Group
5 / 5 stars